A Level perspective on new and emerging financing opportunities for biodiversity conservation


We have arrived at a tipping point for global conservation. Finally, governments, international agencies, private finance, market organisations, academics and standard agencies are taking biodiversity seriously1. As biodiversity markets develop, they could revolutionise the speed, scale, quality and social impacts of conservation efforts. While recognising this potential, we also appreciate the likelihood of unforeseen challenges arising as this new conservation paradigm takes root. As market standards establish, it is more important than ever that organisations adhere to principles of high integrity to minimise the risk of unintended negative consequences.


With 13 years’ experience delivering measurable conservation, societal and financial successes with Carbon Tanzania, Level is uniquely poised to navigate the emerging world of biodiversity markets. This paper presents our perspectives on the role of private finance, principles for development and the potential challenges that could face the biodiversity market.


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